Moving Day How To’s.

It happens. Life changes and with that, so do addresses. Moving day is inevitable across the timeline of your life. On average, Americans move about 12x in their lifetime (I just turned 40 and I have already moved 8x)! That’s a lot of packing and unpacking, right? For some, that is the worst part ofContinue reading “Moving Day How To’s.”

Three Easy Steps to Make Your Kitchen Function

If you want to read this blog for great tips and tricks for baking or cooking, you’ve come to the wrong blog, I’m not your girl. However, if you are here for a “how to” on creating a functional kitchen, you are in the right place! A Working Home has recently completed several kitchen projectsContinue reading “Three Easy Steps to Make Your Kitchen Function”

Minimalism, My Way.

“…minimalism is used to describe something that is stripped down to its most essential elements or uses only what is needed. Both minimalist and minimalistic can be used to describe things that are simplified and include only the most basic components, without embellishment.” -a single definition out of many If you think about “minimalism,” you probably have a different takeContinue reading “Minimalism, My Way.”