Form | Function | Freedom

My goal is to offer creative solutions for the things that aren’t working so well in your home! I want you to be happy to walk in the door, not full of anxiety and dread!
We will find form in your design, function in your space, and freedom from the chaos and clutter.

Interior Design | Form

We all have a style and ideally our home reflects that style, just like our clothes are a reflection of who we are, right? Our styles could be classically timeless, trendy and change often, or they could reflect a stage of life that we are in. Often different rooms in our homes can also reflect different styles or different attitudes that we have in our daily life. We will work on turning that “hodgepodge” feel that you may have into something that reflects your inner style!

Our design process includes a comprehensive discussion to determine budget, goals and a scope of work. With these keys elements in place we will get to work making your home design dreams a reality!

Just for fun, take this design style quiz!

*design fees are determined by square footage, and scope of work
*AWH does not determine or quote third-party contractor rates

Home Organization | Function

Every square inch of your home is useable space, or at least it should be. If you hear yourself saying, “I’m tired of working at the dining room table!” or “There is no room for storage in this house!” We can find a space and make it work in multiple ways, just like I did in my garage conversion.

By looking at your space differently and determining how you use your home on a daily basis, we will transform traditional spaces to modern living.

  • Home set-up upon moving to a new home
  • Home Office organization and systems
  • Playroom & Craft Room organization and zones
  • Virtual Learning Station set-up
  • Kitchen accessibility and pantry structure
  • Closets, well, enough said.

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Decluttering | Freedom

Making the decision to declutter your home can feel like a huge step, and getting started can be so overwhelming, and even paralyzing that just starting the process is impossible. If you find yourself in this situation, working with a professional and developing a plan to declutter and move forward is essential to the success of your goal.

In this side-by-side service we will work together to declutter your space, and develop a process for maintaining it that is not only manageable, but beneficial to your peace of mind but also a functioning space in your home.

  • Consignment Services
  • Donation Delivery
  • Bulk Shredding
  • Trash & Recycling Removal

Professional Organizing & Decluttering Packages

Quick & Clean
  • single session | 4 hours
Focused Fun
  • four sessions | 4 hours each
  • 10% discount
Get It Done
  • eight sessions | 4 hours each
  • 20% discount
Work It Out
  • 12 sessions | 4 hours each
  • 30% discount
Additional discounts are available for military personnel, educators & health care providers

All Packages Include:

  • 100% confidentiality & 0% judgement
  • 1 hour free consultation
  • Decluttering & Organizing Services
  • Additional time spent planning and styling your new space
  • Research & shopping for products that work for your individual needs
  • Coordinating the disposal of sensitive documents, trash & donated items
  • Consignment
  • Contacting & managing related service providers
  • Full access to me through the project & up to 1 week post completion

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