Projects & Testimonials

A Home Office for 2!

We love our office update! It is so great to work in the space together!

Amy & Simon

Maurer Make-Over

Working with Alyssa is a transformative experience.  She looks at everything with new eyes, but gets to know YOU and what parts of your current spaces need to be kept and nurtured and what parts of your spaces just need a gentle (maybe not always so gentle) nudge to MAKE THAT CHANGE.  My spaces are functional and SO BEAUTIFUL – the complements just keep coming and coming.  Don’t be shy or embarrassed to let her just walk around and look – she will see things you never saw coming.

Ilene, Homeowner

The Zen Shed Renovation.

We are so in love with it and spend time in it almost every day.  Husband meditates in the morning before his early morning workouts, I have worked from in there when I need some quiet space to relax and I also use it as a place to read and enjoy my coffee during the early morning on weekends.  Hanna uses it as a place for singing and hanging out, and Danny and his girlfriend relax in there some nights before dinner.  The dogs love it too!  They lay in the sun spots when the door is open and we have a dog bed in there for them to take a snooze. 

I think one of our favorite things is to have a glass of wine or bourbon at the end of a long day and just sit in there and relax and listen to the birds.  We put an electric fireplace in for chilly mornings in the winter and also a Bluetooth speaker to stream music.

Erica, Zen Shed Owner

Cannaliato’s Craft Closet.

“Alyssa Kelley is a lifesaver. She transformed a flex room into a craft & wrapping room by creatively designing the room, installing cabinets and additional shelves to hold all of the things that were once just thrown about. She did such a great job organizing, it seriously looks like the inside of a craft store. Everything is grouped by category, color and placed strategically in the space.

Alyssa was very professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the project. She came up with orginial, creative solutions to help transform my spaces. I would definitely hire her again.”

Kimberly, Homeowner

The Jones’ Home Project

As a military family, every three years we packed up our lives, moved across the country, and then spent the next three years digging through boxes, until it was time for the next move.  When my husband retired from the Army, we bought our forever home in Williamsburg and attempted to set up a house that would work for us and our growing boys in a more permanent way.  Yet, three years after we “settled in”, I still had unpacked boxes in the garage, a hope chest filled with newspapers from, literally, the first moon landing, and an oppressive feeling of clutter and disorganization.  My need to “get it together” was the source of constant arguments, wasted nights cleaning closets, and missed experiences with my kids (“you guys ride your bikes, and I’m just going to clean the garage for a few minutes.”) 

Enter A Working Home.  I saw a post on a Facebook Moms’ group and knew it was the help I needed. Added bonus in choosing a local woman-owned small business.  I knew Alyssa would understand my struggle and help (force) me to make decisions.  We stopped making excuses about donating vs. selling.  We sorted the things that mattered from the excess (for example, newborn hospital hat – keep; old burp cloths – trash). We could not be happier with the outcome. I now have an organized playroom (and kids who put stuff away now that things clearly have a place), a garage that fits my car (extra bonus in the dead of winter), a room dedicated to displaying my husband’s military accolades (which had previously been shoved into closets), and a fully functioning office from which I run my own woman-owned small business.  

I am so grateful to Alyssa for making our home a functional place to live, work, and play.

Tara, Homeowner

Piper Project

“I was beyond thrilled with the beautiful final reveal of my new office space – the custom built-ins, personal touches and what feels like an increase in space are all just incredible! 
Not only do I need to work here, I WANT to work here.”

Erica, Homeowner
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