Alyssa Kelley

Owner | Organizer | Designer
Williamsburg, VA

Hi! Alyssa here! It is so nice to see you on my page! I am excited to tell you about me and A Working Home, so keep reading and then head over to my blog for more!

At 40 years old I am starting over, starting fresh and ready to go. Before COVID I had a career that I was passionate about with co-workers and bosses that I enjoyed. After spending a couple of months working remote with my previous employer and subsequently being laid-off, I decided that enough is enough. I am going to be my own boss, make my own rules and stay home. Risky.

My house is home to all of my favorite things: the cat, Rio, the dog, Coast, the plants (too many to name) and my beautiful daughter, Moseley Rose. We live here, not our stuff. I love my house and being here is my favorite place to be, I am a homebody without question. We love to entertain here whether it is a playdate, dinner party or happy hour with the girls.

So, since all of the other favorite things are here, I’ll go ahead and add a home office and start working for me (but really, for you).

My Dandi always said, “Find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well, a lot of people say that, but you get it. And that’s how I dreamed up A Working Home. This isn’t a job, or even a career, this is a passion project. And it isn’t like work at all because I love organizing, remodeling, refreshing, and renewing. Bonus, I get to help people find joy and isn’t that what life is all about?

This business wasn’t started for me, but for you, the homeowner or renter that is unhappy with how your house is actually working, or not working for you. A Working Home is dedicated to helping you get organized, find structure (and storage), and make it pretty along the way. If you have a closet out of control, I’ve got you. Maybe your office is busting at the seams with useless papers and junk – no problem. The kitchen pantry and all of that Tupperware, easy-peasy.

With our lives having us at home more often, we need to be happy there. There is joy hiding in there, and I want to help you find it and take advantage of it. The concept of home is what I am passionate about. Yours, mine, it makes no difference. It is a feeling really and I want everyone to have that feeling.

Visit my blog to learn more about me, my journey and how AWH came to be.

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