One of “Those Days”

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I am feeling that today. It is one of “those days,” where absolutely nothing is easy, fun, or going the way that I want it. It seems like everything is exponentially more difficult, taking me twice as long as it should and making me want to scream bloody fucking murder.

Ya feel me?

So what am I going to do about it? Cash in the day at noon? Call it quits? Um, no. That’s not the answer – ever. Here are some things that I do to get out of the funk and reset the day, try all, some, or even just one before you drop the mic on the shit day you might be having.

Time Out.

You know when your Apple Watch notifies to “breathe?” And you are like, “Damn it, I AM BREATHING!!!” Well, when you are having a shit day, don’t wait for your watch to tell you to breathe, stop yourself in the middle of your meltdown and put yourself in time out.

I’m not Deepak Chopra or the Dalai Lama, but those guys are onto something: meditation and affirmations. For me, meditating is so difficult, affirmations are even more so. But, taking the “time out,” that used to be imposed by your parents during a temper-tantrum does wonders to bring you back to Earth.

I’ve learned that the best thing to do when “meditating,” is not to set expectations for your time out. Maybe you head over to YouTube and find a guided meditation, as per the usual, there are bazillions to choose from. I love Boho Beautiful for my guided time outs, this channel also offers a ton of free yoga. When it is gorgeous outside, get out there, put your face in the sunshine and just breathe at your own pace. If laying in savasana is your thing, get your ass on the floor and chill out.

Affirmations are also on the table for your “time out.” Pinterest is a great place to find all of the affirmations you need; whether you are looking to combat fear, find success, or build your confidence, it is there for you. Here is my Pinterest board “+ words,” for you to peruse during your next time out. My personal positive affirmation goes something like this, “Fuck them, fuck that, fuck this. You are stronger, more capable and been through worse shit. Love you, mean it.”

Phone a Friend.

I mean, who ya gonna call? That’s right, Ghostbusters, aka, your person. There is no one in this world who knows you better or who wants the best for you more than your person. I personally don’t “phone,” anyone very much anymore, but I can promise that if I went as far as “phoning,” my mom or my best friend they would do their damnedest to pick up the phone and make sure all is well.

If I am just in the shittiest of moods and I’m having the shittiest of days, and I need to get it out, telling someone who will be on my side is so important. The last thing I want is to get lectured about why my temper-tantrum is less than ideal for shattering the glass ceiling. Having that someone who will also say, “Yes girl, fuck them, fuck that and fuck this! Now, get over it because you are better than this,” is pretty fantastic. So, figure out who that person is and give them a ring (text, snap or whatever).

Turn It Up.

Music undoubtedly plays a role in your mental status. The study of music on the mood is relatively new, but I don’t think you really need research, just some personal experience will prove this hypothesis. It is like when you are working out, the playlist can totally make or break your work out, so why would it be any different when it comes to your current shit mood?

It can bring you up, down, and spin you around. So, try tuning into your favorite station on your favorite streaming site. There is likely a song that was written about the exact emotion you are feeling right now. Or maybe an artist that just speaks to you and makes it all better. So, tune in.

For me, when I am writing, I love having instrumental music playing or classic piano, I don’t need any additional words floating around in my brain other than my own… But, when I am pissed off or just ready to say “fuck the bullshit,” I start with my favorite rock song and let the streaming service deliver the goodies from there.

Find your Smile.

My husband and I had a conversation yesterday about the energy it takes to be mad, sad, mean, and just generally, a rotten human. We determined that shit is fucking exhausting and a giant waste of time. So, stop wasting your time throwing this temper-tantrum.

If the options above don’t work for you, find something that does! Here is a list of other things that you could do to defunk yourself and restart your situation:

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Eat – blood sugar has a major impact on mood.
  3. Drink – preferably water, but maybe wine is just what the doctor ordered
  4. Cuddle with your fur baby
  5. Water your plants
  6. Watch videos of animals
  7. Go through pictures of your baby
  8. Pray
  9. Color
  10. Throw an axe
  11. Punch a bag
  12. Sit in your car and scream really fucking loud
  13. Donate to a charity
  14. Volunteer at a local organization
  15. Do laundry
  16. Clean something
  17. Watch an episode of Schitt’s Creek – here is a link to my favorite episode
  18. Dance
  19. Read a chapter of a book or check in on your favorite blog (subscribe below)
  20. Cook or bake something

Personal Note.

Yall, believe me when I say, I have had some shit days… a couple of shit years, quite frankly. But listen to me when I say that it will be ok. It is 100% possible to overcome the darkest shit. Don’t let the shit take you over, don’t let it be stronger than you.

You have the power to turn a pile of shit into a pile of gold if you want to. Don’t let mean people, bad experiences, and frustrations turn your spirit inside out. Find that fire in your soul and put it out there.

Quick Pep Talk:

Hello, you bad ass bitch. You’re killing it. Keep going. Love ya.


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