Minimalism, My Way.

“…minimalism is used to describe something that is stripped down to its most essential elements or uses only what is needed. Both minimalist and minimalistic can be used to describe things that are simplified and include only the most basic components, without embellishment.”

-a single definition out of many

If you think about “minimalism,” you probably have a different take on it than I do, frankly anyone who thinks about it likely has a different perspective and definition, (God Bless America) from the next. As a general concept it can be overwhelming, but so is all of the stuff that surrounds you. These days where we find ourselves amid a tumultuous election season and dealing with COVID (and all that comes with it), we can all feel a little out of control. Living minimally has helped me fight off anxiety and feel some sense control throughout my life, I’ve been practicing since birth, basically.

I was born Alyssa Claire Eidson. This means nothing to most of you, but it does mean something to all of my Eidson cousins. Our parents were raised to be clean, organized and borderline OCD, so as a result, we were too. It has been in my blood to create order and follow it. The concept of “put that back where you found it,” isn’t just a way to keep things straight, but (aaa-haa) know where your shit is without having to think too much about it. So, put your keys on the key hook, or your glasses on the bathroom sink, or maybe even try putting your clothes away on laundry day.

I have learned how to save time by being organized and live without a whole lot of stuff in my home. But, minimalism doesn’t just relate to my home and how I keep it, minimalism is also my way of being. It is important for me to be genuine and honest with myself and with those who seek my opinion or friendship. I don’t want to spend my energy creating an emotion or reaction when I already have them naturally occurring! For me this is living with intention or without duplicity – either way works. I am me no matter who I am around and I will always live my truth – even the parts that are really ugly.

Basically, here is how I do minimalism…Let go of that which does not serve you. For me, I try to steer away from the news, unrealistic reality tv shows, unnecessary drama and negative people. And, in my home, I let go of things that we don’t use or wear, and things that hold no sentimental.

If you really want to achieve a minimalistic approach to your home and to your life – you absolutely can, don’t be overwhelmed. Just simply ask yourself, “Does this* serve me well?” If you can be honest in your answers you will be on your way to living minimally. If you can’t be honest, call me, I am really honest and I really hate clutter.

Visit my Minimalism Pinterest page to find blogs and books that I have found inspiring, motivating or hilariously unachievable.

love, love.

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